In order to meet and exceed our customers’ quality expectations, Preferred Machine Works retains control over all processes that occur on and off our premises. We strive to provide the best products and experiences for our customers through the continuous improvement of our quality management system.





We are proud to be certified and compliant to quality standards that serve a wide range of industries, which are:

ISO 9001:2015


21 CFR Part 820

In order to ensure protection of our customers’ proprietary data, we are certified compliant to ITAR regulations, and maintain strict cybersecurity requirements.





In order to provide products that meet our customers’ requirements, Preferred Machine Works has implemented inspection procedures at specified intervals throughout the life-time of the product here.

All products will receive: First Piece Inspection, regular In-Process evaluations, and Final Inspections.

At the request of our customers, we will also perform first article inspections, which may be general or performed according to AS9102 standards.

All inspections are performed by qualified individuals using tools calibrated to NIST standards.

For more information on inspections, see Measuring and Inspections




External Providers

Preferred Machine Works is committed to producing parts that meet all specifications and requirements provided by our customers, including finishes, hardware, etching, etc. In order to provide “turn-key” parts, Preferred Machine Works utilizes sub-tier suppliers.

In order to ensure our suppliers’ commitment to quality and on-time delivery, suppliers must be evaluated and approved prior to providing products and services. All suppliers will be monitored and evaluated at regular intervals to verify their ability to meet our requirements.

All information, including requirements and specifications of our customers, is flowed down to our sub-tier suppliers through our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

For more information on the capabilities of our sub-tier suppliers, see Finishes and Assembly