Preferred Machine Works has always taken great pride in delivering fully finished parts to the exact specifications of each customer regardless of the required post machining processes. In addition to the machining and inspection of all parts, we take care of as much of the final production as possible. We can provide minor in house assembly, hardware installation, and laser etching when necessary. We also provide chemical finishing services such as anodize, chromate, powder coat, black oxide, nickel plate, parkerizing and paint through proven sub-tier outsourcing. Sub-tier vendors are subjected to rigorous PMW inspection and must meet our Quality Control standards. The close relationships we have established over the years with these vendors help us further close the circle of production for our customers.


           Gravograph LS900 CO2 Laser Engraving Machining                Branson M8800 Unltrasonic Cleaner


                    Blue Anodize Finish with Laser Engraving                                   Black Anodize Finish         


         Assembly of Anodized Aluminum and White Nylon Parts                  Bead Blasted Aluminum Part